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The art of Accessorizing

By: Cindy Lam

Do you ever wonder how you can change the look and feel of your space without breaking the bank?  Do you want to create a theme with key color combinations but never new where to start?   The art of accessorizing is just as important as selecting paint, furniture and finishes in a room.  From the runway to the home, getting the look you want such as chic, elegant, sophisticated, glamourous or artistic  may lie within the small choices you make. 

Often times we are focused on the larger scale of a space that we forget the smaller details in a room and that is where accessories come into play.  Merchandising also plays a role in the way we place things and our choice of color.  When merchandising a room, consider the following:

  • Harmony
  • Scale
  • Focal points
  • Personalization
  • Repeat
  • Use of art
  • Balance
  • Groupings

Declutter a room in order to create an appealing space/room.  Determine a theme before selecting any art, mirrors or candles etc.  Once a theme is selected, colors are selected.  Selecting a few color combinations and styling from that will go a long way.   Avoid confusion and clash by narrowing colors with different patterns.  Scale of patterns coexist harmoniously. 

Be creative by utilizing mirrors to reflect art on a wall.  Use items you already have such as books or candles and group them with varying heights.   Adding curtains and a rug will immediately add warmth and comfort to any environment.  Use lighting to emphasis photographs, art and accessories.  Flowers and plants will always add a fresh emphasis.   Accessorizing can change up the look of your room without spending a whole lot.  Don’t forget to use what you already have in your space by remerchandising key items. 

Good luck!



  michele shane wrote @

nice advice here, many thanks 🙂

  futurainteriors wrote @

You’re very welcome! Let us know if you ever need anymore tips.

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