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This “slow time”

by Erline M. Altamira

The summer months have passed and many people (including myself) were hoping that this slow time (a.k.a. recession) would at least gradually get better by the end of this year. The realists say it may be another year before we can see any substantial economic changes; so we shall wait but strategically plan for our company’s future. Not to be insensitive to the number of companies that have gone under or struggling, but our company has been fortunate to look at this challenging time as a time to re-vamp and restructure. Throughout the number of regrettable stories we’ve heard about, we try to keep optimistic. We’ve had to lay-off and cut-back but our company is still staying a-float with pride.

We have currently moved into a larger space which we’ve had time to renovate, organized our resources in our library, focused and learning more about sustainable products, redesigned our website and business cards, have been able to complete projects locally and internationally, and marketing like we’ve ever done before. We’re building new business ventures, meeting with colleagues and potential clients, branched into related design avenues, and are always open to other possible opportunities.

This slow time will pick up soon and it will be interesting to see what companies, people, organizations, etc. have done with their time the past year. We look forward in hearing your feedback and ideas in how we can better strategically position ourselves into hopefully a better 2010.


Starting Young


by Nicole Shen

Many people often mistake me for still being in my 20’s which I absolutely love…for my personal life.  In my professional world…looking 20’s while being in your mid-thirties is not the best way to be presentable in front of your clients!  I am fortunate and lucky enough to possess the genes that most women would die for; the non-aging gene!  Yet I am unlucky enough to possess a trait that makes me wish I looked 15 years older in the working world.  I have been looked at dubiously when I tell people that I am the Principal and CEO of Futura Interiors.  Their look says everything to me in one glance.  It tells me that they think I don’t have enough years of experience to handle their project and that someone at my “young age” cannot possibly have the taste and eye to design their hotel.  I look at them staunchly in the eye, wink and say “I have been designing for 12 years already.” Most of the time that does the trick!

You can say that I have always been a person with goals and ambition beginning at a very young age.  I always knew what I wanted to do at every stage in my life and starting a hospitality design firm was no different.  When I was studying in FIDM, the moment I put pencil to paper and began drafting, I knew that interior design was my future and that one day I would launch my own company.   I think everyone that knew me then and have known me throughout my life always knew that my aspirations have always been very high.  After graduating from FIDM I went on to work for other hospitality design companies and proceeded with my goal and launched Futura Interiors at the tender age of 27.  I have never looked back since.

I love what I do every moment of my life.  There are frustrations that come with the job and being an owner of a company is not always all it’s cracked up to be.  But as long as I shall live, I know that this is one decision I will never regret.  To be able to do something you are passionate about every day of your life is more than enough for me no matter the ups and downs.

To all those people that doubted me and my young age, I tell them “Starting young is not for the faint of heart, but rather, for those who dare to dream and believe and to make that dream come true.”  I have made my dream come true.

Giving Back

by Erline M. Altamira

Remembering to give back even in small ways can make a difference. FI recently donated boxes of finish samples to the FIDM Orange Campus library to help current interior design students have easier access to more current products for their design projects. Many of the FI design team consists of FIDM alumni and we always reminisce the good experiences we had at school. I visited the campus and took a tour with one of their career advisors. It was great seeing the campus bustling with intense creativity. I recall the challenges of finding and requesting samples from showrooms, so we try to donate items to various schools from time to time.
FI also inquired about guest speaking at the campus which they were very open to. So, we look forward to our future guest speaking presentation at the FIDM Orange County campus this year. We hope to help motivate students to stay on their design path and to answer any questions they have for us. We shall let you know how the presentation goes and we’re anxious to meet more of the future designers of tomorrow.

Introduction to Futura Interiors

by Nicole Shen

Welcome to Futura Interior’s blog.  Since we are new to WordPress and the world of blogging, I would like to take a moment to introduce FI to our readers.

Futura Interiors (FI) was founded to bring to the field of hospitality a dedication and passion for excellent design.  Our underlying philosophy is to identify the essence and requirement of each individual project and offer our clients with a creative, unique, functional yet diverse solution for their design needs. This is our guiding philosophy which motivates us to stay ahead of the industry development. It has enabled us to move through each design phase with much attention to details to achieve a successful journey with our projects.Untitled-1Rendering done by Futura Interiors

We have a small and efficient team of talented designers from with vast experiences in projects all over the world. Having worked on projects such as Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Hilton, Regent, Westins and many others, we are confident to provide our client with the expertise and hands-on approach to create an atmosphere of newness with every project.

Westin Med Spa concept board small

Our projects range from impressive international and domestic hotels, luxury resorts, restaurants, offices, as well as exclusive residential. The ultimate goal is to provide the highest level of design and personal attention for all our clients.  On top of that, we like to believe that a disciplined design approach is always needed to bring a project together successfully.

Interior design is a discipline that fuses numerous fields and knowledge that requires the talent of many people. To create a successful project requires a strong team-based effort. FI’s talented group of professionals has brought us worldwide with their diverse background and extraordinary understanding of hospitality projects.  The team has been exposed to top design firms and have gained years of experience that have given them a unique understanding of each and every project.  FI has maintained a relatively small size team in order to remain extensively involved in all aspects of each project in the office.

The vastly different personalities and design styles of the above mentioned properties illustrate our strong belief that a hotel should have its own unique identity.  This can be partly attributed to the fact that our firm does not possess a “house” style but is guided by a design philosophy that allows a project to develop its own site specific identity, reflecting its location, its architecture or perhaps a vernacular style, thus giving the property an appropriate “Sense of Place”.  We believe the challenges to the designer go beyond the obvious and simplistic replication of any given style to the more exiting, but harder to achieve, approach of instilling a subtle but pervasive design that is wholly appropriate, alluding to its location.  It is generally recognized that people will pay a premium for a unique and special product or experience.  In the “Experience Economy” of this new millennium, we believe that innovation and creative design, perhaps more than any other single aspect today, is needed to distinguish a hotel from its competitors, giving it a competitive edge.  After all, it is those positive guest experiences that create the reputation of an establishment.


Hotel Whitcomb, Standard Guestroom – San Francisco, USA

We are currently very active in the Asia/Pacific region as well as the United States.  In the near future we have prospective projects coming up in Europe as well as the United Arab Emirates and India.


Regency on Beachwalk, Waikiki Honolulu

Now you know a bit about FI and what we do, please come back for more blogs!