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Mies is 126 TODAY! (; by Ashlie Mauldin

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the architect that is  responsible for the “Modern” direction of Architecture, would have been the “ripe” age of 126 today. -wink wink- In all seriousness, had he still been around influencing the structure of today’s buildings, one can only imagine just how that would reflect.

In honor of the life of Mies, here are a few extravagant captures of his extraordinary illustration of:  “Less is More”, a quote and way of design that he is famous for.




Czech Republic

The only design implemented by Mies in the state of Washington

[Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library – Great Hall]

 Many may not be aware, however, Mies is also responsible for the innovation of “Barcelona Chairs.” As one of our designers, Cindy Chang says, “The chairs are very slick, sleek, and unique to the designers time; people flip through magazines every day lacking the awareness that Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is the mind behind this design. He MUST  receive the credit well deserved.”

The Barcelona Chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Happy Birthday to an Architect that we shall forever remember and remain thankful to for the lesson that “Less is More.”


Better Late than Never by Ashlie Mauldin


Happy late Pi Day! Apparently my numbers were off. -wink wink- Anyway, in light of the holiday falling on the prior, March 14, 2012 – March representing the “3” and the fourteenth representing the “14” in Pi – 3.14; The significance of the number rests in the number’s inability to be expressed in exact fraction format, therefore, Pi resides in decimal form, never to end and never to repeat. Oh, and there are no combinations of integers in any form of equations that render 3.14 (Pi) as the value. I think this is pretty sweet! Thank you 19th Century mathematicians!

So here are a few awesome Pinterest pins that I have stumbled upon inspired by Pi Day:



Pie nails for Pi Day

This was ME

Maybe if YOU missed it as well, then you can enjoy this, possibly have a slice of Pi for the occasion!