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Archive for June, 2010

Twists & turns…

by Erline M. Altamira

Life definitely has its twists & turns that lead us into challenges and sometimes great opportunities. In the small interior design industry…colleagues from different firms collaborate when projects arise which lead us in and out of each others lives; a single person can wear various hats to get the deadlines or day to day office work done; at times your career path meets full circle and you end up close to where you started (in a sense) in your career but with a clearer vision.

The twists & turns in my career have lead me into learning great things, meeting interesting people, experiencing memorable mission impossibles that helped me to gain a great appreciation for the industry. I know that seems broad, but please engage me and I can help clarify if you are interested. Thanks for reading!!


HD Expo (Cont.)

by Erline M. Altamira

It’s been a few weeks since the HD Expo but the conferences and networking has left an inspiring impression on some of our team. Some say that it was the same as last year or it was surprising to see hotel owners, design firm owners, etc. networking possibly due to our industry’s slow economic decline. On the other hand, I stand with many that see these past years as challenges and opportunities to make us stronger.

This annual time is when our colleagues from different continents/time zones can reconnect or meet new contacts to collaborate with. The conferences were impressive and the networking mixers were very comfortable. The  hotel executives, business owners, and inspiring designers I met were very positive; I look forward in working with them in the future.

Through this tough time the strongest and most innovative people/firms will strive with grace.