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Let’s Differentiate the Terms Interior Designer and Interior Decorator By Ashlie Mauldin


Interior Designer: The art and science of understanding the consumer’s behavior to better utilize the space within or of the exterior walls to enhance and adhere to that behavior, through placement of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E).

Interior Decorator: Is the art of comprehending and embracing the consumer’s personality and style with finishing touches of fashionable and beautiful décor that display the person or organization as well as their taste and image.

Different thought processes, techniques, regulations and concerns:

An Interior Designer, using the study of Ergonomics, must keep in mind the amount of space allotted, the interior/exterior structure of a building or room and how to properly place the FF&E, Ergonomics, as well as the mobility and usage of the space by the client. Whereas the Interior Decorator, dealing only with the interior, must incorporate color schemes, patterns, shapes and collaborations of décor that will complement the styles, surfaces, textures, dimensions and placements of the FF&E by the Interior Designer.

In addition, to date, though Interior Decorating displays an impressive level of style, taste, ability and understanding of the consumer as well as décor, there have not been any Governmental Regulations regarding the Interior Decorator and their field. This gives Decorators, typically dealing with residential, a clean open slate and free reign, post the Designers work. Apposing, working in the Interior Design field requires a degree of education, experience, licensing and advanced skill. The Designer, more than likely working with commercial, can expect to deal with safety issues, precautions, laws and building codes, prior to the Decorators tasks.

Though the two professions work alongside one another possessing complete differentiations within the design of a space, at times, the Interior Designer will as well, incorporate the decorating aspect utilizing décor following the FF&E just as the Decorator. However, the Interior Decorator typically does not dip into the Design tasks as those remain the responsibility of the Designer.

What the consumer should know:

If you are a homeowner with the desire to modify the style or appearance of the interior space within your home, then you are looking to work with an Interior Decorator. If you are looking to change the structure, functionality or size of a space within the interior or exterior of your home, you are seeking an Interior Designer.  In the event that you own a business or commercial structure, for interior as well as exterior renovation, you are in need of an Interior Designer.

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Hotel Whitcomb – San Francisco Project by Ashlie Mauldin

Futura Interiors was fortunate enough to acquire and complete an interior design project for a hotel in San Francisco by the name of Hotel Whitcomb. The hotel was established in the early 20th – century and holds an array of history.  The historical landmark’s vision was customization, allowing for a number of suite concepts with the ability to appeal to different consumers and residence of the hotel for the duration of their stay. In order to achieve this, each individual suite was designed apart from another, creating different atmospheres within the spaces.

In addition to the design aspect of the project, Futura Interiors bared the resources to supply all FF&E for the project. Futura Interiors is extremely proud of the outcome and was happy to assist Hotel Whitcomb in the renovation of their suites. On the Hotel’s website, under “Rooms and Suites”, Hotel Whitcomb raves, “The hotel’s 460 spacious and beautifully-appointed guestrooms and 12 parlor suites deliver a luxurious hospitality experience with an array of modern amenities and exceptional value.  For an unforgettable experience, the Penthouse Governor’s Suite offers spectacular views of San Francisco.”   As well it is described by the facility itself as, “A unique mix of vintage hospitality and urban convenience.”

Here are some photographs of the suites, designed and supplied by Futura Interiors:

Penthouse Governor's Suite

Million Dollar Baby Project by Ashlie Mauldin

In 2011, Futura Interiors had the opportunity of designing an office space for the Million Dollar Baby company and their team. Futura assisted Million Dollar Baby, manufacturer of convenient baby bedroom decor, such as baby cribs, railings, dressers, storage units and more, in transforming the company warehouse located in El Monte, California into a fun and inspirational yet professional working environment. The Futura Interiors design specialist utilized a variety of colors, such as yellow, purple, orange and green on the walls throughout the entire facility. In order to assist the Million Dollar Baby team with the creative process, in the conference room, a multicolored abstract striped carpet was laid as well as Idea Paint, a product from MDC Flooring, was utilized on a select wall allowing the wall to double as a white board. The combination of these two tactics will aid in the expansion of team and product ideas and allow endless space to map the ideas out.

Along the stair case, Futura Interiors opted for a mock brick wall to create texture and personality in the office, as the employees transition from the first to the second floor of the facility. As well, the stair case consists of suspended Mahogany wood, creating a very modern appeal that is pleasing to the eye. With hanging oval shaped lights shining down onto the wood, to compliment the material, the stair case is an all around beauty.

For the open cubicle area of the Milllion Dollar Baby warehouse turned office, Futura Interiors utilized a simple brown carpet to coincide with the mock brick wall from the stair case leading down into the area. With a green based paint on one side of the stair case and a purple color and floral decal on the opposing side, this area of the office bares a vibrant visual.

The Futura Interior team is extremely proud of the Million Dollar Baby project outcome. Allow the photographs to further illustrate the work.

Conference Room

Hall leading to staircase

suspended staircase, oval hanging

Open cubicle area