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Better Late than Never by Ashlie Mauldin


Happy late Pi Day! Apparently my numbers were off. -wink wink- Anyway, in light of the holiday falling on the prior, March 14, 2012 – March representing the “3” and the fourteenth representing the “14” in Pi – 3.14; The significance of the number rests in the number’s inability to be expressed in exact fraction format, therefore, Pi resides in decimal form, never to end and never to repeat. Oh, and there are no combinations of¬†integers in any form of equations that render 3.14 (Pi) as the value. I think this is pretty sweet! Thank you 19th Century¬†mathematicians!

So here are a few awesome Pinterest pins that I have stumbled upon inspired by Pi Day:



Pie nails for Pi Day

This was ME

Maybe if YOU missed it as well, then you can enjoy this, possibly have a slice of Pi for the occasion!