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Traveling and shopping along the way…

By: Cindy Lam

Summer’s right around the corner and with that said…people will be traveling!  As a designer and a traveler, I would have to say that the best part of traveling is the shopping aspect of it.  Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ve got to set aside time to visit the flea markets and all the local shops for all the hidden gems.   Who knows…you might as well be shopping for that residential project you have.

From past experience, I’ve traveled from small villages and markets to commercialized shopping centers and have preferred the one of a kind, small, low key local markets.  You tend to find the accessories or furniture pieces that are not mass produced.  I have always seen amazing local art, sculptures that were made by hand and paintings that represented culture and history and wished that I had access to shipping it all back. 

One tip I can pass on while traveling is if you come across something you really like, buy it!  I have passed on one too many “one of a kind item” that I’ve come across and regret that I didn’t buy it when I was there.  Now, I don’t know where to find these special hand made pieces for my home unless I travel back to the same spot. Don’t let that great product or fashion piece pass you by.  The more and more you travel, the more and more interesting items you’ll find yourself collecting and brining home for yourself or  you client.  The next time you’re packing for a big trip, pack lightly because if you’re a designer like me, you’ll most likely be brining back much more than you’ve anticipated. 

Before you travel to any destination, do your research on the places to see, stay, eat and SHOP.  

For more information on finding out where the hot spots are, you can find books by location, listing the local hotels, restaurants and shops from Taschen.com   


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