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Don’t be afraid

by Erline M. Altamira

When pulling an interior scheme together, don’t be afraid of using finishes that do not “match”. Items selected should relate or compliment each other but your furniture pieces/accessories can be different finishes or styles. The eclectic or collected look can stand timeless and here are a few tips in areas you can focus on.

Collaborating wood finishes: Try mixing medium and dark colored woods like natural walnut wood with zebrawood. The zebrawood consists of warm medium and dark tones, which are complimented by the natural hue of walnut tomes.

Emphasize with metals: Bringing metal gold tones and stainless steel finishes adds a nice sleek detail that can help accent any area. There are polished, matte, hammered, and other various metal finishes that can add texture and depth.

Cool and warm paints: If you decide to use different paint colors in adjacent rooms consider how they will look side by side if the walls meet. Try to stick with either warm or cool colors especially if the rooms are open to one another. Remember that the natural light that enters through the windows will affect the hues of the paint.

Contrasting floor treatments: A mix of stone tiles with wood detailing can be dramatic if the flooring layout has a pattern of interest. This can also help differentiate areas or beak up large rooms.

Have fun with when selecting finishes for your scheme!!


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