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Budget Cautious

by Erline M. Altamira

Whenever you approach a project, the number one item that should be discussed up front is the project (client’s) budget. Some clients may say there is no budget or may state it is $XXX when it is actually $X; that’s a recipe for add-on service design fees. It is very important to have the budget information when designing and selecting materials because the budget drives most of the design. If the budget is an unknown figure, sooner or later it will definitely come into play.

Every project has a specific budget for every specific thing. There is a budget for the landscaping, a budget for the lighting, a budget for furniture, etc. on top of the budget for all the various design firms’ fees. The problem is some projects have not taken the time to figure out the itemized budget before the project starts. This creates issues especially when the originally approved no budget selections will later need to be “value engineered.” This term can simply suggests either cut out some items from the design or an even more challenging exercise is to keep all elements but redesign with monetary restrictions.

Reselect, redesign, resource new vendor, “value engineer”…but try to keep the quality and integrity of the design intact so you/your design firm can still be proud of the end product. In the end if you/ your design firm can at least see 50% of their design in tact, which is an accomplishment. So be cautious and know what figures you are required to work with because in most projects, there is always a budget.


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