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The Key to Space Planning

By Tina Howell

We are currently working on a corporate office design project, based in Hong Kong. The existing site is currently used as a warehouse space, and the new design will serve as an office and retail showroom. Two teams were approaching the project with the same concept boards and requirements. Other than each team’s unique design and presentation styles, the results of the space layouts are quite different. With only one design selected for the next design phase, the subtle differences could determine a team’s success. Based on our initial review, following are some of the critical criteria to good space planning.

  • Program

From the outset, interior designers need to be able to provide professional recommendations to clients. Good designers are able to accommodate clients needs but also able to convey and integrate those needs with industry best practices.

  • Function

Good designs should reflect effective space planning and help increasing occupants’ productivity. The detail to attention such as traffic control, window treatments, ceiling plan, and efficient use of space differentiates excellent designs from average designs.

  • Presentation

Good design should be complete, appealing and self explanatory. On the drawings/sketches, every line means something. Appropriate hatching, coloring, illustrations and notations could improve communication and reduce confusions.

We are excited to move forward with the same principles to the next design phase.


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