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Industry Peers

by Erline M. Altamira

Industry networking through my peers has shown importance from my personal experiences. We meet vendor representatives on a daily basis, hotel managers every few months, showroom managers when we shop at design centers, etc. The countless people we as designers end up meeting may one day give you an important referral or lead that most people wouldn’t hear. The word usually gets out that company X is looking for talent to help with a fast upcoming project or to replace a person who left.

Our network of people are also liaisons that give us the latest news before it is even posted on a company’s website or given to a headhunter. Those crucial days before the world knows is the leverage that may help you interview before anyone else. So, it is also our own responsibilities to keep up with out contacts and be genuine to the people we encounter. I thank the handful of generous people that have helped me through the years!!

The FI team is looking forward to meeting more people at the upcoming Pacific Design Center (PDC) Westweek. There will be many industry peers, panel speakers, new vendor products, etc. to help inspire us through this heartfelt time. I encourage you to make time (if you have not done so already) to head out to the PDC on 3/24-3/25 and help support Westweek.


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