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How to Entertain in Style!

By: Cindy Lam

I am a big advocate on entertaining and hosting events from time to time and one of my favorite things to do is to create that ambience…or at least attempt to!  When planning your next get-together, try to stick to one theme or idea and run with it.  Make a statement and create a welcoming entryway.  Many people tend to focus on the interiors of the party and forget to add a little something on the outside.  You can create anticipation on what to expect the rest of the night by adding candles in hurricanes to create a walkway.   Having a beach themed party? Bring the beach to the party and add a little sand on the walkway. 

Create a focal point.  Whether it’s the dinner table you see when you walk in or the dessert bar after dinner, it’s important to create that “attention grabbing” area. Glassware is important to add interest.  Steer clear of the typical white paper plates and red plastic cups and think outside the box.  That also means staying away from Party City for that pack of brightly colored themed Sponge Bob Square Pants plates or an 80’s themed pack of cups!  Sometimes utilizing what you already have in the kitchen will work.  If you’re a big traveler like I am, I tend to gather things that I’ve collected from different places and use them as décor (candle holders, paintings, rugs, bowls and lamps etc).  Things do not have to match or come from the same store to be used altogether.  For instance, if you have mismatched china, utilize them.  Don’t have enough chairs? Don’t go out and buy them…gather different styles and use them as a design feature around your dinner table.  Allowing guest to pick their own seats or their own type of glassware could allow them to be interactive.  Get creative and use your Photoshop skills to create those place cards.  Another way to add style to your table is to dig into your grandma’s closet to find those ahhhmazing broaches and attach them to the name cards or use them to add a little sparkle on the napkin rings at each seat. 

Don’t forget to tap into your design principles when planning your next party!  We cannot forget about the importance of lighting, proper space planning, and the use of accessories.  Remember, the next time you’re entertaining, think about the basics of how you can engage your guest by utilizing their five senses!  Sight, smell, hear, taste and touch.  Lastly, have fun while you’re at it!!!


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