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The importance of Networking…

By: Cindy Lam

After attending a few events recently, I realized more and more that no matter where you go and what type of event you attend, networking is very important and beneficial to your career.  Networking offers another avenue to reach vendors, customers, future business partners; it allows you to present yourself and your networking objective in a much more personal way than an advertisement, promotion or an online resource can. 

Whether a student or an industry professional, networking can develop new relationships and build upon old ones. Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships and seeing how you can help others.  We all know that networking is worth your time and effort and can help you get ahead in the professional world.  Ask yourself what your goals are in participating networking events.  Visit as many groups as possible that spark your interest. 

The next time you are attending an event or seminar, remember, networking is work and you never know who you’ll meet.  Develop high quality relationships that can benefit you professionally.  Do your homework, read publications.  Catch up on the latest industry news and make connections.  Getting out and attending social gatherings professionally or personally will lead to meeting new people that can inspire you when you least expect it.  Making connections can produce a ripple effect.  Everyone you know is in your network!


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