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Become a “Renaissance” Interior Designer

by Melody Saradpon

I’m an avid believer in that people are comprised of their life experiences; an individual’s unique set of talents, subcultural pursuits, and personal traits are instilled through a lifetime to help assist the person to make their mark on the world. I say this simply because introspectively, I realize that the combination I’ve been bestowed with has brought me here, where I can channel my artistic eye to help create interiors and environments that stir people. My background has definitely been an uncommon one; my original field of study was graphic design and fine arts, which in turn, further evolved into movie set design and then interior design. In addition, my favorite leisure activities are wordsmithing, puzzles, and studying fashion trends, which upon further inspection, has definitely helped contribute to my skills; for example, being able to articulate my thoughts, approaching a design problem logically, and being aware that design (regardless of the niche) begets even better design through applicable evolution.

However, by no means am I close to becoming a “Renaissance” designer; I simply use this term to inspire and encourage others to see that one’s composition of talents–and your savvy application of them–can really take you to new levels. Pursuing photography? Your acute design eye can recognize disharmony or the unbalanced quality of a space. Love to paint? You can channel your knowledge of color palettes to evoke an emotional response from your viewers. Constantly strive to obtain as much knowledge as possible, even though at the present time it may seem irrelevant, for you can never know when your firm needs an individual with that specific skill set!


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  Emad wrote @

Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing. -Emad

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