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Design Interns: A Valuable Commodity

by Erline M. Altamira

I always believe that interns are valuable and should be mentored to develop skills and become well rounded designers of tomorrow. I’m not talking about the diluted premature divas that think they will be “designing” before they learn their resources. I’m referring to the noble hard-working team playing interns that learn to aid designers, month after month even after their unpaid internships.

Valuable interns are capable individuals who have genuine passion for learning and are able to grasp the complex concepts we expect them to know as they start their first day. They absorb everything we teach them, learn from everything we expose them to, and are tolerant with the hectic last minute mission impossible tasks we give them daily.

I am currently offering three design intern positions this semester to work closely with the design director, project manager, and designers in our thriving firm. You will learn first hand the behind the scenes “glamour” of the interior design industry. From industry terminology, resourcing, software applications, in-house sustainability and product presentations, you will have the opportunity to absorb what they may not teach in school.

Go to our new website http://www.futurainteriors.com/ and check out our projects, past blogs, etc. before calling me at our Tustin location. Remember your first phone call is the initial interview. Be prepared on sending or coming in with a recent portfolio and resume. We are anxious to hearing and meeting you!!


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