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The Hotel Experience

by Melody Saradpon

Revisiting the history of hotels is a very interesting experience; to follow the ever evolving relationship between visitor and interior space can definitely lend more insight to where the future of hospitality is heading. Nowadays, many hotels have varying niches that cater to the wide and diverse array of visitors; hidden destinatons for romantic getaways, a corporate setting for the travelling businessman, and the super luxurious accomodation for the rich and wealthy are just a few examples.

The current trend that’s surrounding the hospitality industry is increasing the actual hotel “experience” for visitors–this idea focuses more on how the hotel is less of a lodging facility, and more of a portal to another time or lifestyle. Also, many hotels are embracing the constantly advancing technology burst, and are incorporating many gadgets in their facilities; iPod docks, touch screens, and motion sensored bath tiles are just the tip of the iceberg. Many hotels are also integrating the concept of education and entertainment (also known as edutainment; meant to educate and amuse simultaneously) in their designs; installing a multidimensional accent wall made of recycled sewer pipes from the 1900s or constructing a rooftop garden bridge that extends to the adjacent building to stimulate guests.

These trends are very indicative of what’s to come, and it’s very exciting to see what 2010 and the future holds for us!


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