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Apple’s iPad – can it help us help you?

by Nicole Shen

With all this new attention drawn to Steve Job’s newest creation, the iPad, I found myself thinking about it non-stop and if I should join the ranks of thousands lining up to purchase the new gadget which goes on sale in April.  The week started out with thousands of blog posts about the iPad and expectations were running high.

When running a company, especially in this day and age, we naturally want to keep as technologically savvy as we can.  It is our internal systems that help us stay ahead of our competition and provide our clients with designs that require only one click.  By staying up-to-date, we can bypass those who aren’t thinking towards the future. 

So what can the iPad do for us as an interior design firm?  I hope to be able to find out if this new tablet computer is just what we need to bring our designs into our client’s hands, literally.  I am anticipating bringing the iPad on site and taking notes whilst walking through a mock-up room; having the iPad in a meeting and presenting our designs whilst being able to draw and edit with one touch in front of our clients; running through an airport and and finishing that last minute information needed on the spreadsheet to email over to a waiting client; flipping through the newest Architectural Digest in the car on the way to a client meeting …oh, the possibilities are endless!  But these are just wild speculations by a woman who has never even tried the thing!

Of course, there are bashers our there who have never tried the thing either: “There is no dual-function!”.  “No removable battery!”.  “No memory slot!”.  “There isn’t even a keyboard!”.  “What is the difference between a Kindle and iPad?”  “Who gives it the name of an iPad to resemble feminine product?”.  The bashing goes on.

Like the iPhone when it first came out, there was much skepticism out there.  I LOVE my iPhone and hope that I will come to love the iPad as well.  The iPad may become many things, or it may not.  It may change an industry or two, or it may not.  Up until now, I have been impressed at how Apple has always managed to create excitement with each new product that comes out. 

So lets not judge the iPad and see if it is something that we, as designers, can use to help design you’re pad!


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