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Team Spirit

by Nicole Shen

As an experienced designer who has ventured into the world of hotels, homes, offices, restaurants, clubs, spas…understanding the value of having the right team in place from the beginning of the project is crucial.  The right team can make the project a big success,  and the wrong team can literally break the project!  I recently read a quote that says “Begin with the end in mind.” and those words cannot be more true.  I am not sure why clients feel a designer should be brought in once the building is built and everything is ready to go and we are given only a few months to complete the entire design of a hotel when we could have come on board before the drywall was put in.  I am not exaggerating when I say that the client literraly realizes the need for the designer when all of a sudden the shower needs to be placed and they haven’t allocated any room for it in the bathroom!  I kid you not!

Team spirit not only involves the architect, hotel management or owner, interior designer, landscape designer and contractor.  To me, a strong team hits a little closer to home.  I have built my company, Futura Interiors, around designers whom I am proud to not only have as part of FI, but also people whom I am proud to call friends.  Without a strong team who comes together when deadlines and projects needs it most, the completion of a successful project would not be possible.  When you have a client that understands this, then you have a project that will end up beautifully designed.

So don’t stop cheering!  Keep that team spirit in you!


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