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Home Comfort

By Tina Howell

I was reading up on design trends for 2010. A few hospitality industry magazines forecasted trends in hotel guestroom focusing on a blend of key elements: differentiation in aesthetic looks, environmental sustainability, and home like comfort in 2010. The challenge of the first two criterion were quite clear; however, achieving the home like comfort puzzled me. A question went up in my head- what differentiates a home from a hotel guestroom? I looked up Wikipedia, which suggested that the fundamental difference between a home and a hotel guestroom is the comfort level defined by mental or emotional belongingness.

Designers can re-create home like experience by focusing on detail execution and creating rooms that are scaled and functioned like a home. Designers should also pay close attention to the target demographics that the hotel is serving. For example, home comfort would be a top priority for business travelers. As a frame of reference, most people could relate to and appreciate a space that is built marginally nicer than their own homes. Designers also should also be aware that our daily activities are heavily relying on computer electronics. Providing multiple locations of universal converters in a hotel guestroom could provide travelers instant home like comfort.

What does home comfort mean to you?


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