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Resourceful Resources

by Erline M. Altamira

Developing your resource library is a necessary ongoing task we as well-prepared designers must do everyday. Designers and design firms update, add/omit their resources on a daily basis. We develop a collection of various lines, finishes, etc. to aid us in our sometimes impromptu designing. Surprisingly libraries get full of products and we’ll have to update and clean out what we don’t use to make room for what we use most. The latest and greatest products don’t always end up on the shelf. Price points, reputation, custom capabilities, innovation, lead time, and especially great representatives are what help put these lines/manufacturers on the shelf.

I admire and respect the representatives that aid designers design our innovative schemes. Good reps are our resourceful resources that support us behind the scenes, assist us to meet the budget, are flexible to help us produce beautiful custom work, and sometimes help designers look like heroes in front of clients. Most reps will go the extra mile to help the project in any way they can and will stay true to their word.

I look to them as educators and rely on them as an important resource for incorporating great product our designs. Even in this digital world, great reps are a commodity and are valued for their knowledge and experiences.


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