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Industry Acronyms

by Erline M. Altamira


Our industry carries a variety of different terminologies and acronyms that might sound foreign to a newcomer. Then you cross international waters and the meanings are different and are interpreted differently there.  The term “lift” translates to elevator which I learned earlier in the year; makes sense.

Example: BOH – Back of House in our industry can translate or mean the following to others.

Acronym Definition
BOH Bournemouth Airport Identifier
BOH Bank of Hawaii
BOH Board of Health
BOH Back Of House
BOH Board of Housing
BOH Bridge Of Hope
BOH Badge of Honor
BOH Bag of Holding
BOH Balance on Hand
BOH Boots of Haste
BOH Best of Highlands
BOH bottom of hill
BOH Bat Outta Hell
BOH Beginning On Hand
BOH Break-Off Height
BOH Baseline Overhaul
BOH Bay Osteopathic Hospital
BOH Bad on Hand
BOH Before Office Hours
BOH Bros Over Hoes
BOH B-hydroxyethyl hydrazine
BOH Bad Obstetrics History

In this new age of initialism, texting, and abbreviating, we not only need to know what terms like CFO and company’s acronyms stand for; we also need to understand shorthand for things like ETA and EOD. There are good websites and tools to help people understand, but in the end your experiences will help you catch on faster. TTYL.


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