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by Erline M. Altamira

It’s curious to see many companies jumping on the bandwagon of sustainability. I applaud those who are actually using sustainable ways to manufacture their products or run their business, but for those who are just throwing the “green” or “sustainable” word around….please be discrete. There are so many aspects and factors that categorize a sustainable product but no actual regulations to make sure companies are being truthful.

I’ve noticed companies that recently had sustainable claims about their products have updated their websites or literature completely removing their previous note. There are also reps that are not even sure why the products they are selling are claiming eco-friendly or sustainability. It’s a great way to market but please be prepared for the inquisitive people who actually want to be enlightened.

Later we will see benchmarks and principles we as a company will have to abide by before we can claim to be sustainable. I’m thankful for those who are taking the challenge to producing quality products and service while keeping our planet in mind. The industry has a long way to go but fortunately the aim is there.


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