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Receipe of Success

by Tina Howell

I recently attended a 3-day leadership conference hosted by National Association of Women MBAs. What a fascinating event connecting with business leaders and sharing insights. It was comforting knowing that leaders spend their life-time learning through mistakes and challenges. It was also inspirational seeing leaders giving back and cultivating the new generation of leaders, despite the current tough economic times. The sense of belongingness and synergy made me feel empowered and energized. Like many others, I have been seeking the recipe of success and ways to optimize my team’s performance. I left the conference with a better understanding of leadership and the criterion for success: believe in self, risk taking, persevering, and self understanding. Although the road to success is not as glamorous as one thinks, I feel in control of my faith and I know that I am not alone.

I am leading our internal sustainability training and knowledge sharing sessions. We started the ball rolling with a thick LEED reference guide, which is far less interesting comparing to other colorful reference books. However, as the team dove into the contents, we are able to digest the material one page at the time. After a few months of efforts, the learning process is transforming into forms of presentations and knowledge sharing sessions. It is rewarding to see the team’s progress and enthusiasm. Watch out for us- we are ready for the next sustainability projects and we will take the lead!


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