Futura Interiors

The World of Design at Your Fingertips

Different Avenues

by Erline M. Altamira

Who knew graduating with an Interior Design degree could lead into many different avenues with countless possibilities? If you’re blessed you’ll land a job in a reputable design firm right out of college and learn a mountainous amount of design skills; depending if you’re mentored or trained effectively. To secure any type of employment related to the industry is also a great opportunity and learning experience.

Some schools don’t tell students that they could specialize and be other respected industry professionals like specification coordinators, vendor representatives, product developers, showroom managers, purchasing agents, etc. One can even specialize in faux finish fabrications, renderings, production, and any niche skill/talent that may be needed in the design world.

With every project you finish, industry colleague you meet, conferences you attend, etc… remember to learn, have thick skin, never be surprised, be prepared for many mission impossible, be charismatic when possible (it’s an art), teach those who want to learn, and let your passion for design be your drive. Hopefully every avenue you take will leave you with not only industry skills but transferable skills that help you become a respected resourceful peer.


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