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This “slow time”

by Erline M. Altamira

The summer months have passed and many people (including myself) were hoping that this slow time (a.k.a. recession) would at least gradually get better by the end of this year. The realists say it may be another year before we can see any substantial economic changes; so we shall wait but strategically plan for our company’s future. Not to be insensitive to the number of companies that have gone under or struggling, but our company has been fortunate to look at this challenging time as a time to re-vamp and restructure. Throughout the number of regrettable stories we’ve heard about, we try to keep optimistic. We’ve had to lay-off and cut-back but our company is still staying a-float with pride.

We have currently moved into a larger space which we’ve had time to renovate, organized our resources in our library, focused and learning more about sustainable products, redesigned our website and business cards, have been able to complete projects locally and internationally, and marketing like we’ve ever done before. We’re building new business ventures, meeting with colleagues and potential clients, branched into related design avenues, and are always open to other possible opportunities.

This slow time will pick up soon and it will be interesting to see what companies, people, organizations, etc. have done with their time the past year. We look forward in hearing your feedback and ideas in how we can better strategically position ourselves into hopefully a better 2010.


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