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Starting Young


by Nicole Shen

Many people often mistake me for still being in my 20’s which I absolutely love…for my personal life.  In my professional world…looking 20’s while being in your mid-thirties is not the best way to be presentable in front of your clients!  I am fortunate and lucky enough to possess the genes that most women would die for; the non-aging gene!  Yet I am unlucky enough to possess a trait that makes me wish I looked 15 years older in the working world.  I have been looked at dubiously when I tell people that I am the Principal and CEO of Futura Interiors.  Their look says everything to me in one glance.  It tells me that they think I don’t have enough years of experience to handle their project and that someone at my “young age” cannot possibly have the taste and eye to design their hotel.  I look at them staunchly in the eye, wink and say “I have been designing for 12 years already.” Most of the time that does the trick!

You can say that I have always been a person with goals and ambition beginning at a very young age.  I always knew what I wanted to do at every stage in my life and starting a hospitality design firm was no different.  When I was studying in FIDM, the moment I put pencil to paper and began drafting, I knew that interior design was my future and that one day I would launch my own company.   I think everyone that knew me then and have known me throughout my life always knew that my aspirations have always been very high.  After graduating from FIDM I went on to work for other hospitality design companies and proceeded with my goal and launched Futura Interiors at the tender age of 27.  I have never looked back since.

I love what I do every moment of my life.  There are frustrations that come with the job and being an owner of a company is not always all it’s cracked up to be.  But as long as I shall live, I know that this is one decision I will never regret.  To be able to do something you are passionate about every day of your life is more than enough for me no matter the ups and downs.

To all those people that doubted me and my young age, I tell them “Starting young is not for the faint of heart, but rather, for those who dare to dream and believe and to make that dream come true.”  I have made my dream come true.


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